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grantsObtaining Grants to Fund Your Adoption

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why is adoption so expensive?
  • Are there organizations that can help my family with adoption expenses?
  • What can I do to help fund my adoption?

If you thought you couldn’t afford to adopt, then this CD is for you. Many adoptive families wonder where they will get the funds to adopt. There are attorney fees, home study fees and in some cases, birth mother support costs. The pressures of adoption funding can be daunting. But there is hope!

Learn everything from adoption fund-raising to available grants for low-to moderate-income adoptive families. You will hear stories of families just like yours who found the funding they needed to continue with the adoption process. If you’ve ever wondered where you can get the money to help fund your adoption; find a way to the child of your dreams.


familyFinding MY Family – Adoption Search & Reunion

9780970573483 – $19.95 – 2 disc set

Finding a missing person, whether it’s an old friend or a birth parent, may be easier than you think. Get advice on how to perform a missing persons search. Gain clarity on the types of missing persons and the types of searches, learn how to start and conduct a search, information about how to find the public records you seek, information for adoptees who would like to find their birth parents, and learn how to find a reputable Private Investigator.


parentingParenting or Adoption?

9781935176008 – $19.95 – 2 disc set

After considering her options, hear one woman’s journey to adoption. While seeking loving parents for her soon to be born baby, hear of the support from her friends, family and fellow church members. Find out how she came to choose the couple to be the parents to her child.

What is important in an adoption decision and what about the future? Learn practical advice for other women facing an unplanned pregnancy and adoptive families seeking to adopt. She offers guidance to other birth mothers with how to tell their parents of their pregnancy, the pros and cons of the other options to consider, and how to tell the father of the baby.


choiceIs Adoption the Right Choice for You?

9780970573490 – $12.95

What is it like to place your baby for adoption? How might you feel afterwards? Learn what one birth mother looked for in an adoptive family and understand the peace she has found through open adoption. She’ll share intimate details of her experiences, the challenges she faced, and how she made the decision to choose adoption for her second child. Gain valuable insights and tips she’s learned from the many birth mothers she has worked with.


child_pregnantMy Child is Pregnant – What are My Rights?

9780970573438 – $12.95

When a family is facing an unplanned pregnancy, what legal rights do grandparents have? Even though the ultimate decision regarding the future of the child is up to the birth mother and father, many birth grandparents are being included in choosing the adoptive parents who will raise and nurture their grandchild. Some birth grandparents have the option to remain in contact after the birth, through photographs, letters, and possible visits.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of adoption and guardianship, the legal rights of birth grandparents, the birth grandparents’ relationship with the birth mother, and birth father’s parents’ rights.


bustedBusted: Avoiding Scams & Fraud in Adoption

9781935176015 – $12.95

The adoption of your child can be one of the happiest moments of your life. To make it so, certain precautions must be taken to ensure that you and your family remain safe, secure, and protected from frauds and scams.

Learn valuable information to help you save heartbreak, time, and money in your adoption journey. There are warning signs to look for when dealing with a potential birthmother, to avoid being scammed either financially or emotionally. There are also frauds that occur on the professional level. You need to feel comfortable with the adoption professional you work with to build your family.


autisticIs Your Child Autistic?

9780970573407 – $12.95

Why is autism on the rise?

  • Why has there been an increase in cases?
  • What is the history of autism?
  • Possible causes of autism
  • Signs and treatment options

Learn the answers from an autism specialist. Concerned parents, grandparents, caretakers, and families will be better equipped to help an autistic child.


militaryAdoption Help for Military Families

9781935176039 – $12.95

Are you in the military?
Do you want to adopt and don’t know where to begin?

Learn how to use the resources provided to you by the military. Listen and learn through the plethora of military adoption information. The more information you have, the more successful you will be in your adoption.

There are programs available for military families seeking to adopt, programs available to reimburse families for adoption expenses, assist with special needs situations, and medical care programs for adoptees. Military families seeking to adopt have advantages over civilian families, including their acceptance of interracial adoptions, the ability to travel, and special medical care available to them.


guys_viewShe’s Pregnant – A Guy’s View of Adoption

9781935176022 – $12.95

Listen as one man shares his thoughts on fatherhood, from his point of view as a birth father. At 17, he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. After considering their options, they chose to place their baby for adoption.

Hear the process that he went through and what he was looking for in an adoptive family. He also chats about how men view the responsibility of fatherhood and encourages other young fathers to take responsibility by learning more about the option of open adoption.


emotionalEmotional Impact of Adoption

9781935176046 – $12.95

What is it like to be adopted and then later reunited with your birthmother? Learn directly from an adult adoptee. Learn the issues and emotional vulnerabilities distinctive to adoptees, how adoptees can improve their outlook, and the resources available for adoptive parents and adoptees.


sharingSharing Adoption with Children – When, Where, & How

9781935176053 -0 $12.95

Parents, do you have questions about:

Sharing your child’s adoption story with them?
Sharing adoption with your other children?


  • The importance of siblings in adoption
  • Should siblings be told about each other?
  • When is a good time to let an adopted child know he or she has siblings being raised in other families?
  • What should siblings be told about adoption?
  • Who should share with a child about their other siblings?



first_stepThe First Step to Adopting a Child

9781935176060 – $12.95

Hiring a qualified and experienced adoption professional to assist you in your adoption journey is one of the first steps to a successful adoption. Learn from others what to look for and what you ask when you first start out.



This program will help you with:

  • How to save money and frustration in the process.
  • Where do you find a qualified adoption professional?
  • What are they key questions you must ask any adoption professional before you hire them?
  • What can you expect from your adoption professional?
  • How much does adoption cost?
  • Where do you go to find out more about adopting a baby or child today?