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“Today, we know many women placing their babies and children for adoption do so as a smart and caring way to provide a lifetime of love and stability for their child into a rock-solid family.”
-excerpt from our book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption…

American Carriage House Publishing is focused on providing traditional and family values in a new, fresh approach. Below are our current titles. Authentic autographed copies are available!


Embryo Adoption Guide by Mardie Caldwell

Embryo Adoption Guide

Our Newest Release!

If you are considering embryo adoption as a donor or recipient, this is a must-read book!

All the questions you have and the questions you haven’t even thought of are answered in this easy to read guide.

This book simplifies embryo adoption and includes links to all the resources you need. These include nationwide attorneys and additional reading material for embryo donors, recipients and even for children born from embryo adoption.

You will learn how embryo adoption works from start to finish. From the psychological aspects, medical facts, and legal perspective, it is all covered in the Embryo Adoption Guide.

Download your Amazon Kindle eBook version of the Embryo Adoption Guide today!

ASIN: B08T1H1235
ISBN 978-1-935176-19-0
Publication date: January 12, 2021


calledbook_sCalled to Adoption by Mardie Caldwell and Heather Featherston
A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call

Many Christian families, seeing the need to step forward in faith and raise a child not of their bodies, are choosing to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption.

In her book, adoption expert Mardie Caldwell shares her personal experience of adoption and provides help for those interested in creating their own adoption story.

More and more Christians across the country are learning more about the call to care for orphans. There are all types of adoption today. Learn more about being Called to Adoption.

ISBN-13: 978-1935176091
128 Pages



So I was Thinking Adoption 2015 small
So I Was Thinking About Adoption… by Mardie Caldwell
Considering Your Choices

There are many reasons women of all backgrounds and circumstances, think about or choose adoption.  This book is a great resource to find the best plan for you and your baby. This book is:

  •  Handy, a guide to the ins and outs of the adoption process.
  • Overflowing with information.
  • Packed with resources for families in crisis.
  •  Excellent! No other book like it on the market!

ISBN 978-0-9705734-5-2
112 Pages


healthcare_professionalsThe Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide
Hospitals play a vital role in helping women with their adoption plan

Hospital staff and health care professionals helping women who are considering an adoption plan, often referred to as “birth mothers.”
The Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide will assist you with:

      • The Steps to Make an Adoption Plan Successful
      • Positive Adoption Language
      • How To Avoid Putting Your Facility At Legal Risk
      • Sudden Situations
      • Resources For Additional Help

Remember, no child is unadoptable, and it is never too late for a woman to choose adoption. If you are interested in free adoption in-service training for your medical staff, contact the National Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6602. 

ISBN: 978-0-9705734-6-9
16 Pages

Kindle Version:


iparenting-sealAdoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide, a follow-up to the Award-Winning AdoptingOnline.com offers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for anyone interested in adopting a child. Discover the difference in adopting domestically and Internationally, older child and infant adoption. Learn how thousands of families have used the techniques listed in Adoption: Your Step-by-Step guide to find the child of their dreams.


ISBN: 0-9705734-2-1
419 Pages


Our Award-Winning breakthrough title!

Syndicated Radio Host and Author, Dr. Laura Schlessinger says of this book,ben_franklin_award
“An Awesome Resource for Anyone Interested in Adoption!”

AdoptingOnline.com answers all your adoption questions. It contains the road map, the advice, the resources, and the working knowledge you need to find the baby of your dreams!

484 Pages


Gudie To Adoptive Breastfeeding Book CoverGuide to Adoptive Breastfeeding Kit
Guide to Adoptive Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Guide

This guide includes everything you need to learn about nursing an adopted baby.  It will walk you step-by-step through considerations and products you need as you consider this valuable experience.

Digital Download Kit

Included in the kit:

  • 84-page downloadable PDF guide full of tips, instructions, lists, photos, and resources.
  • 10 audio tracks with interviews from two adoptive moms and two medical professionals.

CD and Booklet Kit!

Special Offer! The retail price of this kit is $79.99 but for a limited time, we are offering it for only $49.99.  Don’t wait, order today!

Included in the kit:

  • 84-page guide full of tips, instructions, lists, photos, and resources.
  • Four audio CDs with interviews from two adoptive moms and two medical professionals.
  • Full transcripts of the audio CDs for easy reference.
  • Samples & coupons of breastfeeding-related products.
  • A professional package to keep everything together for when you need it most.


Pregnancy Wheel

  • Five inch diameter
  • Precise calculations
  • Durable plastic