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So I Was Thinking About Adoption

So I was thinking about adoption book cover

Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy consider parenting or abortion, but there is a third option…adoption. So I Was Thinking About Adoption… is filled with personal stories, questions and answers, and more. Created to be small enough to fit in a woman’s purse, this book spells out the facts and walks the reader through the process of adoption in nine months or less.
Author Mardie Caldwell, COAP is the founder of Lifetime Adoption and widely regarded as an adoption expert. She saw the need for this book after personally working with so many women who wanted to explore their pregnancy options but didn’t know where to begin.

Designed to appeal to women from 14 to 35, the pages allow the tough subject matter to flow in a comfortable and “best friend” type of format. Caldwell focused on making the book accessible and easy to read. It has also continued to be updated and is now on it’s Fifth Edition, with over 55,000 copies in print.

So I Was Thinking About Adoption…is especially popular among doctors, counselors, family and friends as they bridge that uncomfortable gap to the statement, “I’m Pregnant, Now What?”

An excerpt from So I Was Thinking About Adoption
I got pregnant when I was only 15… I was terrified to tell my mom, but then the day came when I couldn’t zip up my pants anymore and she found out!

Instead of going to school, we drove to the doctor, with tears in our eyes. Turns out, I was already 5 months pregnant; guess that made sense, the baby was already kicking me all the time.

The thought of being a mother was a far-away idea. As my belly got bigger and my due date came closer, reality started to sink in.
I didn’t have the baby things or the money to buy them. I didn’t have a job, heck I hadn’t even finished high school. I think that is when I really started to consider my choices… so, I was thinking about adoption… -Megan

worried pregnant woman thinking about adoption
Let’s be honest, women don’t plan on choosing adoption for their children. You aren’t reading this book because you want to be a “birth mother.” You need help and want information. If you are thinking about adoption you need to learn more about the choices you have with adoption.
Right answers…Right reasons

Your head may be spinning from your family and friends telling you what they think you should do. Parents tell you one thing. Friends tell you something else. Once you have the facts, you’ll feel much more in control, and ready to make the right choices for the right reasons.

Caldwell succeeds in creating another exceptional book assisting everyone through the adoption process. This book turns the tables and sees the process through the biological parent’s eyes, answering all their questions and many they may not have thought about.

Carol Knapp


A must-read for anyone thinking about their pregnancy choices. This is a great book!
Nancy Fosberg


We have found at our pregnancy center, that most clients who have substance abuse concerns, have had problems with Children and Youth Services, or have children in the Foster care system have not thought about making an adoption plan which can help them to keep contact with their children. This book is a great resource to give clients that have never really considered adoption! Helpful additional websites and client stories included.
L. Foster

Pregnancy Center Director