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American Carriage House Publishing

Our goal is to seek out unique information and present it in such a way that leaves the reader with a greater knowledge, more understanding, and the confidence to fulfill their dreams.

We are a publishing house, founded in 1997. Our books are written with traditional family values and a new, fresh approach. We publish mainly on adoption-related subjects, such as domestic adoption, open adoption, and unplanned pregnancies.

Thanks to many adoption experts, one of them our author and founder Mardie Caldwell, open adoption has become the preferred choice for families touched by adoption. To ensure a healthy future for the child, open adoption allows lifelong contact as agreed upon between adoptive parents and birth parents.

We have a rich selection of books, audio CDs, and more to help you learn about open adoption and unplanned pregnancy topics. You can purchase our publications directly from this site.

Recently our publishing house has expanded its scope to serve a  wider range of topics in addition to supporting literature and text about adoption. Click here to read more.

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