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  • FREE adoption services and resources.
  • 24 Hour adoption answers and support.
  • FREE third-party licensed counseling.
  • FREE peer support—she can talk with women who chose adoption.
  • No pressure or obligation—it’s her choice!
  • Compassionate and individualized care.
  • A wide selection of pre-screened families ready to adopt throughout the US.
  • FREE help with her needs, before and after adoption, as well as post-adoption support and educational scholarships.

Lifetime Offers Your Center:

      • FREE adoption resources for your center with a variety of materials for clients of all situations, backgrounds, ages, and races
      • FREE adoption education, reference guides, and in-service adoption training for your staff.
      • 24 hour toll-free access to adoption help.
      • Current tips and information to help you present the adoption option confidently.
      • Solutions for your center’s unique needs to make your job easier!


Item Description

Lifetime Adoption Magazine™


cover_smallerSo I Was Thinking About Adoption…

a short book geared towards your pregnant clients. For orders of less than 10, the books are $8.95 each.
For orders of more than 10, the books are $2.50 each.
$2.50 each for 10 or more copies

bookmarkSo I Was Thinking About Adoption…


healthcare_professionalsThe Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide (Retail Value $3.95) $1.00


poster2Adoption Hotline

Poster size 8.5×11 inches

modern adoptionModern Adoption

Poster size 8.5×11 inches

Click here to view a PDF of this poster.


chooseWhy Women Choose Adoption

Poster size 8.5×11 inches


dvd“Open Adoption: A Lifetime Story”
This video shares the reality of open adoption from both the birth parent and adoptive family perspectives. (Retail Value $12.95)

choice“Is Adoption the Right Choice for You?”
Audio CD. What is it like to place your baby for adoption? How might you feel afterwards? Birth mother Tammy Rowe shares with listeners her experience and how it affects her life today. Learn what she looked for in an adoptive family and understand the peace she has found through open adoption.

guys_view“She’s Pregnant!-A Guy’s View of Adoption”
Audio CD

Blaine shares thoughts on fatherhood, from his point of view as a birth father. At 17, Blaine found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. After considering their options, they chose to place their baby for adoption. Blaine shares about the process of adoption and what he was looking for in an adoptive family. He also chats about how men view the responsibility of fatherhood and encourages other young fathers to take responsibility by learning more about the option of open adoption.


open_adoption“What is Open Adoption Like?”
Audio CD

Birth mother Shawna and adoptive mother Elaine speak about their open adoption story. Shawna shares her experience, including how she told her mother and boyfriend of her pregnancy, how she decided to place her baby for adoption, and how she chose Elaine as the adoptive mother. Elaine tells listeners about her struggle with infertility, how she was drawn to adoption, and how she and her husband determined what type of adoption they desired.


child_pregnant“My Child is Pregnant. What are My Rights?”
Audio CD

When a family is facing an unplanned pregnancy, what legal rights do grandparents have? Adoption attorney Felice Webster answers questions about the legal options available to grandparents. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of adoption and guardianship, the legal rights of birth grandparents, the birth grandparents’ relationship with the birth mother, and birth father’s parents’ rights.


parenting“Parenting or Adoption? A Black Woman’s Journey”
2 Disc Audio set
Adrianne, an African American woman, faced an unplanned pregnancy at age 19. After considering her options of parenting, adoption, or abortion, Adrianne decided to place her baby for adoption. What is important in an adoption decision and what about the future? Listen to one woman’s compelling story.


give babyYou might think…”I Could Never Give My Baby Away” brochure

Click here to view a PDF of this brochure.


give baby-SpanishYou might think…”I Could Never Give My Baby Away” brochure
in Spanish

tellparents“How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?” Brochure

Click here to view a PDF of this brochure.


tell parents-Spanish“How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?” Brochure
in Spanish

lt“What Are My Choices?” Adoption Brochure

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modern adoption brochureModern Adoption brochure

Trusted adoption help, the way you want it

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aaWhat’s Best for Your Baby?
For African American & Biracial Clients

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Lifetime adoption foundationLifetime Adoption Foundation
Adoption Services and Help

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kit2Clinic Adoption Resource Kit

Retail Value $120.00!

Kit includes:

  • 10 So I Was Thinking About Adoption… books
  • 2 Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide
  • 20 Adoption Brochures
  • 30 Adoption Brochures
  • 20 “How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?” brochures
  • 10 Birth Mother Blessings Brochures
  • 2 Pregnancy Wheels
  • 2 Lifetime Adoption Magazines™
  • 2 Pens
  • 2 Magnets
  • 1 Audio CD

adoption talk pocket guidePocket Guide to Effectively Sharing Adoption

The words you need to go beyond common hurdles when talking about adoption


chooseWhy Women Choose
Adoption/Adoption Choices

aacardAfrican American Adoption

freeFREE Adoption Book Download card FREE

app-cardCard about our FREE Adoption App
For Smart Phones and Tablets


adoption-truthsAdoption Truths

Various topics for men and women thinking about adoption


birth mother-storiesBirth Mother Stories
View modern-day adoption stories online
Click here to view a PDF of this card



16-17373 FRONT OLPregnancy Wheel

  • Five inch diameter
  • Precise calculations
  • Durable plastic

Retail value $6.95 each


special-reportSpecial Adoption Report:

Answers to 24 Adoption Questions Women Ask

newsletterPregnancy Newsletters
set of 9
issues about pregnancy & adoption

mugLifetime Adoption Mug

FREE with Purchase of over $100

Adoption Pens
10 pens FREE, 20 for $5.00
10 pens

20 pens for $5.00